How to swim against the currents
How to access creativity on demand
I find myself once more getting annoyed for not being where I want to be. But, Wasn't it just a mere three days ago when I was lying in bed ill, with my…
How to build a high-growth tech startup (all by yourself)
Ever find yourself uplifted on the Weekend and a bit low the week ahead? Perhaps not knowing where the time went. This might be a sign that you are…
Remember to believe in yourself. It goes a long way. If you think it doesn't make much difference, picture a new startup where the founder didn't…
Leaving a project unfinished and rushing to move on to the next new thing can be tempting. In my experience, this could be one of two things. Either you…
Having the right mindset is key to becoming a successful entrepreneur. This is the foundation for your process and will become a solid base upon which…
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