noun: flyby

  1. a flight past a point, especially the close approach of a spacecraft to a planet or moon for observation.

noun: startup

  1. the action or process of setting something in motion.

  • a newly established business.

As the name suggests, This publication serves as a deep observation of the process of setting something in motion—particularly a newly established business (but the lessons apply to any creative endeavor).

After almost a decade working in software, I decided to leave the corporate world behind and am now all in on building my own bootstrapped tech “startup”. I aim to share what I learn as I go about my entrepreneurship journey and continue to grow and evolve in different areas.

The definition of a “startup” is simply as defined in the dictionary (see above). I'm not a fan of the traditional way of doing things. That is, no venture capital, outside funding, or needless growth. We all have our own definitions of where we want to go and how to do things.

Here are some of mine: 

  • Build something people love. So much that they want to share it.

  • Always be a user myself (scratch your own itch).

  • Keep expenses minimal (including technology costs).

  • Optimize for time, freedom, and creativity (automate, scale & experiment).

  • Bootstrap all the way and retain 100% control (no external funding).

  • Enjoy the process and live with purpose (follow your heart).

I also subscribe to the idea of having different "chapters" in life. That is, switching direction every seven years or so and mastering a completely new field. My last chapter was in tech and software. The current one happens to be entrepreneurship. So, I'm taking everything I learned in the previous chapter and using it in this one. For this, you are getting a front-row seat.

I think entrepreneurship is the foundation for anything we want to do in life. Studying and practicing entrepreneurship can set us up with many high-value skills that can help us in any field we wish to pursue. I plan to use these skills in all my future chapters. Hence, I am focused on the long game and creating ever-lasting content which can be applied to many fields.

I write about entrepreneurship, creativity, and building a winning mindset, using a multidimensional approach to keep things fresh. Speaking of fresh, there's a monthly book club where I share an entrepreneurship book for us all to read and then write up my notes at the end of the month. And speaking of multidimensional, I also write inspiring fiction stories to keep things even more fresh, and also because I’ve fallen in LOVE with writing fiction! Yes, this might just be one of my next chapters in life. What will yours be?

So, now you know what this publication is about. Come on in and say hi, and I hope you stick around for the flight. It's going to be a wild one.

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Disclaimer: The content in this publication is provided for informational and entertainment purposes only. It should not be construed as legal, business, investment, medical, or professional advice. Just like you, I'm figuring things out myself. You should always do your own research and consult the professionals if needed. 😊

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