Flyby Book Club

Welcome to the Flyby Entrepreneurship Book Club.

The purpose of this club is to ensure we all (including me) read more high-quality entrepreneurship books. This can include topics like business, marketing, sales, mindset, creativity, as well as biographies.

Roughly ever month, I’ll pick one entrepreneurship-themed book that aligns with my vision, strategy, and philosophy, along with sharing some reading tips. You can read along at your own pace and apply the lessons to your own products or goals.

If you follow along, by the end of each year, you would have read multiple entrepreneurship books even if you were too busy with other stuff (you are welcome to read more of course, I personally aim to read a book a week). This will help solidify business lessons and keep you in the entrepreneurship mindset as you go about whatever it is you were building.

Click on any of the titles or covers below to read my reviews and book notes so far.

Check back here to see what we are reading next.

If you want some more reading inspiration, here are some previous books lists:

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